marți, 1 iunie 2010

Fugi si salveaza-ti viata din calea Evangheliilor False

RUN from gospels that Focus only on Success and Prosperity. RUN! RUN from those who use the Name of Christ Only for his Personal Gain. RUN from those that are Picking your Pocket in the Name of Jesus RUN! RUN from gospels that only focus on Self-Improvement...Three Steps to a Better Personality. RUN from Churches where Men and Not Christ are Glorified. RUN! RUN!...Body of Christ RUN!...Get Out! Don't Touch the Unclean Thing! RUN from Churches in America and Canada where there is No Bible, there's No Cross in their Theology, No Soul Searching Word, there's No Repentance from Sin, there’s No mention of the Blood of Jesus. RUN! It’s Unclean. RUN! RUN from Churches where the Worship leaves you Cold, there’s No sense of God, because they don’t know God. RUN! RUN from Churches where you’re Comfortable in your Sins...that's a Table of devils. If you come into the House of God and you've got Sin in your Life, and you’re Not Convicted of it, your at a Table of devils. RUN from Pulpits that are filled with Political men, who are using the Pulpit of God for a Personal Political Agenda. RUN! RUN from those who Preach Division between Races and Cultures. RUN! RUN! Get out! Turn it off. Get Away from it! They know Nothing of God. RUN from ungodly, spasmodic movements and endless empty Prophesying. Beloved Church. RUN, for your Life! RUN from Preachers that stand, and tell Stories and Jokes. RUN like you’ve never RUN before. RUN from those that are only after your Money, and they use one Gimmick after another, one foolish thing after another to get your Money. RUN.”

—Carter Conlon - Times Square Church - Senior Pastor

Fugi - Carter Conlon

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  1. Orice nebun isi poate face secta lui. In cateva zeci de ani va reusi sa recruteze alti nebuni ca si el, care vor recruta la randul lor alti nebuni, si asa se naste un "cult" nou de oameni bolnavi, tradatori de tara si de neam.

  2. oo, auzisem mesajul asta, dar nu stiam ca fratele Carter era vorbitorul. e un om deosebit cu o frica sfanta de Dumnezeu.

  3. Da, anonim in "Numele lui Dumnezeu" se fac mari afaceri. Noi sa ne ferim de asa ceva.

  4. Un alt exemplu!

  5. Multumesc pentru articol! Mi-a placut mult, asa ca l-am preluat. Sper ca nu te deranjeaza. Am mentionat si sursa:)
    Multe binecuvantari de la Tatal nostru!


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