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Poate un om să fie drept inaintea Lui?

Vă recomand o carte foarte bună.

Gânduri din cartea "Justificare şi Regenerare" de Charles Leiter.
Această carte va apărea tradusă in limba română in luna martie a acestui an.
PĂCATUL : Ultima problemă profundă spirituală a omului.

“To justify” means “to declare righteous”; it does not mean “to make righteous.” . . . Christian, when God justifies you, He does not “let you of the hook” with your sins still hanging in midair. He does not pretend that your sins have been paid for. Rather, He sees that your sins really have been paid for by Christ, and He makes a declaration based on that fact. . . . Beloved Christian, you may have some terrible memories in your sinful past, but you can be certain of this: those sins are not still hanging in midair. They’ve come down . . . on the Lord Jesus Christ! And He actually paid for them! He bore your sins in His own body on the cross.

“In practical terms . . . Christians are not laboring to achieve a life that they do not yet have or to obtain a victory that has not yet been won. They are participants in the very life of Christ and in the victory He has already won. Christian, you are a partaker of the resurrection life of Christ, and He has already defeated and broken the power of the sin that you are facing right now – by His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension! As a participant in His life, your calling is not to try to achieve something for yourself that He has not achieved, but to believe what He has already done for you and to walk in it. In this way you will be enabled to fight “the good fight of faith” instead of the miserable struggle of unbelief!

One of the most fearful things about sin is its power to harden the one who practices it. The deeper a man goes in sin, the less sin bothers him. . . . Every sinner finds himself now committing sins that he once despised, and the sins that he now despises, he will someday find himself committing. It should shock us to remember that Adolph Hitler was once a little boy playing with toys just like other little boys. Man knows the beginning of sin, but no man has ever known the end of sin.

There is nothing in a man that causes God to justify him, including his repentance and faith. Repentance does not pay for sin. A criminal’s remorse for his crime does not satisfy the just demands of the law. Neither does faith pay for sin! Only the blood of Jesus can pay for sin! Justification [...]

How can God ever “justify the ungodly” without becoming an abomination to Himself? “He who says to the wicked, ‘You are righteous,’ peoples will curse him, nations will abhor him [Proverbs 24:24]. How can God say to sinners like us, “You are righteous,” without violating His own character? How can God ever save us from Himself and His own righteousness and justice? . . . Repentant sinners know that they deserve to be punished, and that it would not be right for them not to be. They know that God cannot just “sweep their sins under the rug” and forget about them. Hence, the cry of their hearts is, “How can a just God ever smile upon me? How can this burden of guilt be removed? How can God pronounce a blessing upon me? How can a man like me be in the right before God!” There is only one answer to this dilemma. Someone has to pay for the sinner’s sins. Justice must be satisfied. Either it will be satisfied by the sinner’s own suffering forever in Hell, or it must be satisfied by someone else on the sinner’s behalf.

The world is not the way it is because it has a few bad people like Hitler; the world is the way it is because it is made up of multitudes of people just like us! There is deep wickedness in each of us.

One of the most fearful things about sin is its power to harden the one who practices it. The deeper a man goes in sin, the less sin bothers him. . . . Every sinner finds himself now committing sins that he once despised, and the sins that he now despises, he will someday [...]

The emotions are disturbed and perverted. Some hearts smolder with constant anger and hatred; others are tormented day and night by senseless fears. Multitudes laugh at things that ought to make them weep, while others burst into tears for no apparent reason. Such are the deep and all-pervasive disturbances to the human personality caused, [...]

Every non-Christian is—in his person—more repulsive to a holy God than he can ever begin to imagine.

The first baby ever born grew up to murder his own brother. And human history ever since has been one long stream of constant warfare, lust, hate, torture, rape, perversion, abuse, and brutality. It is a blessed thing that we do not know in detail the sins that were committed just last night in [...]

Race and nationality likewise offer no immunity from sin; the most cultured of nations are just as capable of genocide as the most barbaric. The gas chambers of the “civilized” are merely sophisticated forms of the machetes wielded by the “uncivilized.”

You and I may not have met each other, but of one thing we can be certain even before our introduction—both of us are sinners. Every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, no matter how old or how young, is a sinner. Even small children, when allowed to go to [...]

Sin is not a trifle; it is not “cute”; sin is not funny. Sin is exceedingly wicked and perverse; it is “utterly sinful.” All sin is twisted and ugly and vile. We should be shocked at how wicked men are and how callous we have become to that wickedness.

God’s wrath is not a temporary loss of self-control or a selfish fit of emotion. It is His holy, white-hot hatred of sin, the reaction and revulsion of His holy nature against all that is evil. God’s wrath is tied in directly with His justice. It has to do with His righteous determination to [...]

"Justification and Regeneration"

Foreword by Paul Washer
Chapter 1 - Sin: Man's Ultimate Problem
Chapter 2 - Can a Man Be Right Before God
Chapter 3 - Justification: Its Characteristics
Chapter 4 - Regeneration: All Things New
Chapter 5 - A New Creation
Chapter 6 - A New Man
Chapter 7 - A New Heart
Chapter 8 - A New Birth
Chapter 9 - A New Nature
Chapter 10 - Crucifixion & Resurrection
Chapter 11 - A Change of Realms: Flesh to Spirit
Chapter 12 - A Change of Realms: Earth to Heaven
Chapter 13 - A Change of Realms: Sin to Righteousness
Chapter 14 - A Change of Realms: Law to Grace
Chapter 15 - A Change of Realms: Adam to Christ
A - Regeneration: A Summary
B - "Cannot Sin"
C - Romans 7
D - All Blessings in Christ

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