sâmbătă, 5 ianuarie 2008

"Isus s-a uitat tinta la el, l-a iubit si i-a zis..."

Aseara la adunare in Cisnadie s-a citit Evanghelia Marcu 10:17 ..iar Tanarului bogat Isus i-a spus cu drag" Iti mai lipseste un singur lucru". Cred ca aceasta voce ni se adreseaza si noua tututor...indiferent cat de bine credem noi ca ne situam spiritual. Fiecarui om " ii lipseste un lucru" altuia blandetea, altuia generozitatea, infranarea, dragostea, pacea, bucuria.

Frumusetea caracterului lui ISUS este ca EL iti cunoaste inima si te iubeste nu pentru ceea ce esti ..ci pentru ceea ce poti deveni prin El si puterea Lui .

Mi-a placut poezia asta realista.

I love it, absolutely. It's weird how good writing can be and still be felt so emotionally, quite unlike the mechanical sorts of pieces. This totally excels anything I've read today and it was just the spark of brilliance I've needed.
Enjoy it.

"I wouldn't trust a man that wouldn't try to steal a little."

We all mess up
And hurt one another.
We all lie, cheat, and steal.
But what sets us apart,
Is when we hurt one another,
Its our innerselves that is revealed. !

We all want the good,
Strive so hard to be perfect,
And when we fail,
(We die just a little bit inside)
And wonder if its worth it.

But remember each day,
God see's everything we do.
(And he knows we are imperfect)
So know in your heart
What sets the good and bad -in you- apart,
Is the faith and belief that your worth it.

So keep chuckin up that chin,
Cause no matter what you say to me,
Just know, you got a real friend.
And this friend believes you are worth it.

So now its your turn,
Your choice in the matter,
I can't hlep you, and I figured that out now.
But what I can do is give you this letter.
And hope you figure out what you need to figure out.

Be the man you boldly present yourself as.
And its okay to show that your hurting,
Even the slightest bit.
But prove to God, and forget the world...
Believe that you are worth it.

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