luni, 31 decembrie 2007

LIKE MOUNT ZION - "Sons of Korah"

Formatia "Sons of Korah" este din australia.
Am avut ocazia sa il ascult live in Michigan la o conferinta in 2006.
cine sunt ei?
The Sons of Korah are a Victorian based band that bring a new light to the Biblical psalms.

Sons of Korah believe that the psalms contain a particularly pertinent message for today. They are the supreme biblical portrayal of the spiritual life in all its facets and dynamics. They speak powerfully to a postmodern world that is generally more interested in what the biblical faith looks like from the inside than its abstract doctrinal expression. They speak powerfully to those who are well acquainted both with the sting of a cursed world and the sweetness of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ.
Cu bucurie vreau sa ii ascultati..

De ce?
Sunt o formatie deosebita si unica...
printre putinele din lume....ce canta inspirati din psalmi.
Compun cantari avand baza versetele biblice.

Domnul fie Laudat.
Soli Deo gloria .pentru dedicarea lor..
is delight shall be in the fear of the Lord... Heb 5:7.

psalmul 125:1 Cei ce se incred in Domnul sunt ca MUNTELE SIONULUI! -care nu se clatina sta intarit pe Vecie .- amin

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