vineri, 23 noiembrie 2007

"Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life"

me and klint

I finished reading a good book of Simone Weil" Forme de iubire implicita a lui Dumnezeu" -and I learned that we don't love people. Geee .! That's the true klint...God Is love...We all learn from Him!!! ..what's this feeling about love, we don't have our own spiritual resources of LOVE, we dig deep in His Heart of Love to Find what Please GOD.
Lord Help us, to LIVE a LIFE of LOVE that make U Happy.
speak one another ..with ..the language of LOVE.
I wish you a great time.
now read carefully this quote from the book :)
" In iubirea adevarata, nu noi suntem cei care ii iubim pe
oameni in Dumnezeu;
Dumnezeu este cel care, IN NOI,
ii iubeste pe oameni ".

That's right ...and that's sooo true.!

ISUS din mine te iubeste pe tine.!
Lasa-L si tu sa iubeasca prin viata ta lumea intreaga.

Have all a Christ Centered Day.

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