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Dilema lui Grigore (1)

Le zice omu' in predică la introducere  că românașu- n-a mai compus nici o melodie, poezie, cântare  în limba română ...și la finalul predicii ei tot ce au tradus de la alții cântă.

"Se poate predica la pereți?"

5 lideri examineaza plagiatul predicilor

Tim Keller:
Yes, it does appear to be a problem for these reasons. Preachers today feel under much more pressure to be spectacular than they used to feel. Christians are much less likely to be loyal to a church of a particular place or a particular theological tradition. What they want is to have a great experience on Sunday, and that means they will travel to get to the most gifted preachers. When you put this pressure together with (a)a busy week in which you haven’t felt able to prepare well, and (b)the accessibility of so much sermon material through the internet—the temptation to simply re-preach someone else’s sermon is very strong.

D. A. Carson:
First: Taking over another sermon and preaching it as if it were yours is always and unequivocally wrong, and if you do it you should resign or be fired immediately. The wickedness is along at least three axes: (1) You are stealing. (2) You are deceiving the people to whom you are preaching. (3) Perhaps worst, you are not devoting yourself to the study of the Bible to the end that God’s truth captures you, molds you, makes you a man of God, and equips you to speak for him.

Sandy Willson:
  1. We must not be guilty of “stealing” from our fellow Christians.
  2. We must not pretend before our congregations that we have researched or composed something that we have not.
  3. We must not substitute real Bible study and prophetic sermon preparation with “cutting and pasting.”
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