miercuri, 11 noiembrie 2009

Paul Washer, poate deranja mizeria evanghelică

"We are living in a time when billions of people are dying without Christ. We are living in a time when millions of so-called Evangelicals do not even understand the Gospel. We are living in a time when some of the greatest "Evangelical" heroes, if they were simply critiqued in light of historic Christianity, they would be proven heretics. Shouldn't somebody be disturbed? Shouldn't someone be broken and shouldn't someone stand up and say: "This is wrong" This IS wrong" — Pastor, Evangelist and Missionary Paul Washer

Adevarata victorie

"A te lupta cu tine insuti e cel mai greu razboi,a te invinge pe tine insuti e cea mai frumoasa victorie."

Care este teologia ta?

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